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“When we started, our vision was clear: to create a space where every recovery milestone is not just recognized but celebrated with warmth and understanding. We believe in the power of community and the transformative journey of recovery.”

– Fernando R., Owner/President

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At, we celebrate every step of your recovery journey. As the premiere Sobriety Gift Store, we offer a wide array of sobriety gifts designed to commemorate and inspire. From AA Medallions and NA medallions to Sobriety Jewelry, Recovery Literature, and beyond, each product is a testament to resilience and a celebration of progress.

Why Choose Us? Because Every Milestone Deserves a Celebration

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Last-minute shopping? No problem. Experience our Medallion Express: Fast, Free, Direct to your doorstep delivery, ensuring your special medallion arrives on time.

Gifts for Everyone: A Diverse Selection

Perfect finds for every milestone, tailored for anyone. Our extensive range ensures you’ll find the right gift, no matter the recipient or the occasion.

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More joy, less wait. Enjoy bringing your chosen symbols of recovery to your doorstep without delay.

Always Open: Shop on Your Schedule

Your next sobriety gift is just a click away, day or night. With, convenience meets celebration, making it easier than ever to find the perfect gift at any moment.

Shop with Confidence: Our 30-Day Money-Back Promise

Love your purchase or get your money back. We’re committed to your satisfaction, offering a no-worries shopping experience from start to finish.

Community Powered: Supporting Recovery Journeys Together

Owned by those who know recovery best. Every purchase at supports not just your journey, but the collective path to recovery, underscoring our commitment to the community.

“Having navigated the challenges and triumphs of recovery ourselves, we understand the significance of each step in this journey. was born from a desire to fill the gaps we experienced firsthand — to offer not just products, but symbols of resilience, hope, and support. Every item in our store carries a story of strength and perseverance, mirroring the stories of those who walk the recovery path.”

– DeRoin M., Vice-President

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As you navigate your recovery, let be your partner in celebrating every achievement. Our mission is to support, honor, and commemorate the recovery process with gifts that resonate and inspire. Shop with us and discover why we’re the premiere Sobriety Gift Store for those who celebrate recovery milestones.

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