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The Best 12-Step Gifts Delivered Quickly to Your Doorstep

Celebrate Sobriety Anywhere, Anytime

Our online shop brings The Best 12-Step Gifts to you, no matter where you are. Conveniently shop 24/7 from your phone or computer.

Wide Selection for Men and Women

Explore our collection of AA and NA Medallions, 12-Step Jewelry, 12-Step Books, Book Covers & Unique Gifts designed for men & women.

Fast & Free Shipping on Orders Over $40

Enjoy the ease of shopping with Fast and Free Shipping on Orders over $40. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Fellowship-Owned, Customer-Focused

Unlike other stores, we value not just selling products but understanding the importance of celebrating your sober milestones.

Shop Our 12-Step Gift Collections:

Explore our exquisite collection of Alcoholics Anonymous Medallions, each crafted with care by individuals in recovery. From the elegant Bling AA Medallions with genuine Swarovski crystals to the fresh and unique choices of Designer AA Coins, or the classic Triplate AA Medallions, welcoming Aluminum AA chips, and traditional Bronze AA Chips – we offer a wide array of styles and options to celebrate every milestone in your recovery journey.

Discover our handcrafted Bling NA Medallions and Designer NA Coins tailored for Narcotics Anonymous. Our collection also includes Triplate NA Medallions in various colors, along with NA Key Tags to welcome newcomers. These key tags are a staple at NA Meetings worldwide, ranging from Welcome to 18 Months of Clean Time.

Express your commitment with our stunning 12-Step Jewelry collection. From earrings, necklaces, pendants, and rings, to our Diamonique Jewelry crafted from sterling silver and diamond-simulated crystals, dazzle with the beauty of recovery jewelry made exclusively for AA and NA fellowships.

Delve into essential literature with our 12-Step Books. For Alcoholics Anonymous, we offer classics like the AA Big Book, 12 Steps & 12 Traditions, Daily Reflections, Living Sober, As Bill Sees It, and more. Narcotics Anonymous literature includes the Basic Text, It Works: How and Why?, Step Working Guide, and Just for Today. Explore various formats and sizes for a comprehensive understanding of recovery.

Safeguard your literature with our Single and Double Book Covers. Crafted in leather-simulated vinyl, these covers come in a variety of colors and feature coin holders for your AA and NA books.

Celebrate your milestones and sober occasions with our heartfelt 12-Step Greeting Cards. From Sobriety Milestones, Happy Anniversaries, and Congratulations, to special cards for Mom, Dad, Sponsors, and Sponsees – express your joy and support through our thoughtful cards.

Explore our unique gifts, including Medallion Holders in necklace and keychain formats, Keychain Charms featuring hand-crafted resin numerals from 1 to 9 years, Wisdom Stones engraved with motivational quotes, and Language of Flowers Hearts – small glass heart-shaped stones to attract “Love,” “Abundance,” and “Gratitude.” Our collection goes beyond the ordinary, offering meaningful mementos for your sobriety.

We understand the importance of celebrating your sobriety milestones, and we’ve built Medallions & More to cater to your unique needs. Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee ensures your satisfaction.

Join us in celebrating your journey to recovery with the Best 12-Step Gifts delivered to your doorstep. 

Welcome to Medallions & More

Welcome to our new blog! We are thrilled to have you here and excited to share with you all the wonderful products we offer in our ecommerce gift store, specializing in alcoholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous medallions, sobriety jewelry, program literature, sober greeting cards, and more recovery-related gifts. We believe that every sober birthday is […]

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